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Main Product : carbide cutting tools
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Main Product : BILZ Shrink Machines, Shrink Chucks, Die & Mould tools, Cutting Tools, Turning & Milling Inserts, Threading/Grooving & Parting-off Inserts,rn Tapping & Drilling Tools, Carbide Rods.
Hainbuch,Applitec,Hommel Keller,Hobe,Ecoroll
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Main Product : Lathe chucks,Power chucks,Lathe turning tools,Manual chucks,Knurling technology,Roller Tools
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Main Product : Indexable Inserts&Tungsten Carbides,Inserts for end milling,Ball end miller inserts (QPWR type),Inserts WGR type ball nose end mills,Face Milling,Inserts for side milling cutter,Shoulder end miller ARGT inserts,Radius end miller AEPR inserts,Inserts for external grooving,End face grooving and Parting,Inserts for Tslot milling cutter and key seat milling cutter,Inserts for high speed drilling
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Main Product : Product overview and common products General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Drilling tools Threading tools Milling cutters PCD and CBN tools Adjusting Guidelines Reamers and countersinks End machining Clamping devices and shrink technology Services Materials Raw and carbide metal Industries
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