Digital Transformation
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Main Product : Carbide End Mills, Indexable High Speed Drills, Metal Slitting Saw, Inserts
Main Product : Carbide Roll Form Taps, Carbide Cutting Taps, Carbide Spiral flutes Taps, Carbide Thread Cutting Dies, Thread Mills, Thread Cutter, Thread Tap Chaser, Thread Dies Chaser
Taiwan Asahi Diamond
Main Product : • Tools for semiconductor, advanced packaging, electronic material grinding, cutting and polishing. • Grinding wheels for tungsten carbide. • Cutting and edging tools for display, touch panel and optics glass. • Diamond & CBN tools for bearing, linear guideway and ball screw. • Diamond & CBN grinding wheels for automotive components. • Surfacing and edging tools for optical lenses.
Main Product : Tool Holder
Main Product : ECUT brings over 30 years of manufacturing and distribution experience in industrial-grade cutting tools. The stability of the product and the satisfaction of our customers are our primary objectives.
Main Product : Carbide End Mills, Micro carbide drills, Carbide drills with coolant holes, Carbide threading end mills, carbide inserts
Main Product : Accessories for Lathe、Collet Chucks and Tool Holders、Power Tools
Main Product : Dead Length Collet Pull Type Collet Headstock Collet Guide Bushes Collets, guide bushes, and headstock collets are all components used in lathe machines to hold and support the workpiece during machining.
Main Product : Dia/CBN wheels、Japan KURE wheels、Japan TEIKEN polishing wheels、Japan NORITAKE wheels、Japan UB polishing wheels、Japan ASAHI polishing wheels、Japan X-power、Diamond tools for stones
Main Product : Carbide Tap, Carbide Round Dies, Carbide Thread End Mills, Carbide Drill
Suzhou hance Measuement equipment Co.Ltd
Main Product : CNC、日本MST角度頭
Main Product : Vibration-dampened tools for turning, milling and boring, boring tools and boring heads, metal cutting tools and tool holders, workholding device, vises, hydraulic chucks and manual chucks.
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