Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : Reverse Osmosis Membrane/ Ultra filtration Membrane/Cutting Fluid membrane/Oil filter membrane/Air compressor filter membrane/Sub-micron gas diffuser membrane.
Main Product : Electric Chain Hoist, Wire Rope Hoist, winch, crane
Main Product : Magnetic Tools, Magnetic Chuck, Magnetic Table, Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Electromagnetic Chuck, Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck
Main Product : Bi-Metal hole saw, Bi-Metal reciprocating saw blade, impact hole saw, multi-tools oscillating saw blade, hacksaw, bi-metal high speed steel hacksaw blade, air saw blade, pvc saw, single edge pull saw, double edge pull saw, jab saw, folding saw, pruning saw , pole saw.
Main Product : Digital Torque Wrench, Torque Measuring Tools, Magnetic Tools, Hand Tools
Main Product : Dead Length Collet Pull Type Collet Headstock Collet Guide Bushes Collets, guide bushes, and headstock collets are all components used in lathe machines to hold and support the workpiece during machining.
Main Product : Diamond Wheels, Diamond Tools, Polishing Tools, Grinding Tools, Cristone Fiber Stones, Air Tools, Ultrasonic Polisher, Electric Grinders
Main Product : Magnetic De-Burring & Polishing Machine, Chuck Controller, Demagnetizer, Oil Skimmer, Stationary Demagnetizing Machine, RFID for smart tool management system.
Main Product : Hex Key、Socket Bit Set、Bit Set、Screwdriver、VDE、Stainless Steel Tool Set
Main Product : Precision Tool Holder for Turning Center.
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