Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : Parts & Accessories of Machine Tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Chuck, Lathe Chuck, Power Chuck, Soft Jaws, Hard Jaws, Jaw Boring Rings, Jaw T-Nuts, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Spare Parts, Accessories of Hydraulic chuck
Main Product : Spindle, Machine of Parts
Main Product : cable chains, slideway covers, bellows, Nylon duct, roll covers, link apron covers, screw covers, block crumbs board, Casting Polyurethane, dust net, machinery brushes, way wipers, coolant tubes, Spray guns, extruded rubber
Main Product : Manual pulse generator, Encoders, Couplings, Cables
Main Product : PTFE Glide seal sets , HiPerSeal , HiPerLip , Bearing Isolator , Mechanical Seal , Springs , PTFE Bushes , Parker seals
CHUN-TAI Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd.
Main Product : Suction Line Filters 、 Filler Berather Filters、 Fluid Level & Temperature Gauges,、Inline Check Valves、 Needle Valves、SR series tank-outside magnetic flange filter、Threaded connection In-line filters、Air Breather、Tank End Cover、Oil cooler、Flexible Coupling、Pressure Gauge、Spin-On Return line filters、Manifold cover、Tank End Cover
Main Product : Drill bit Sharpener、End Mill Sharpener、Sharpening Tools
Main Product : Turning Tools, Boring Bars, Threading Tools, Groove Tools, End Mills, Face Milling Cutters, Modular End Mills, Side Milling Cutters, and Drills for Metalworking.
Main Product : Chamfering Machine, Tool Holder Locking Device, Spindle Taper Wiper, Multi-Function Mist Coolant System, Power Drawbar, Air Cooler, Tool Presetter, Work Stop Tool, Power Table Feeds, Z-Axis Setter, Portable Chamfering Tools, Pull Stud, Edge Finder, Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners, Chip-Shields
Main Product : Magnet Application Tools, Magnet, Permanent Chuck, Electromagnetic Chuck, Demagnetizer, Lifting, Roller, Round, Rotary, Vacum System, Separator, Magnetic Chuck, Other Hardwares and Accessories for Machine Tool, End Mills Collet Chucks and Tool, Holders
Main Product : Labor-Saving Quick Joint, Quick Coupler Ball Valve, Ball Cock, Brass Joint and Forged Bend, Iron, Zinc, Stainless-Steel, Forged Mechanical Parts.
Main Product : Load cell,Torque sensor,Pressure sensor,Tension loadcell,Indicator,Controller Spindle pull-in force gage, Chuck clamping force gage Machine condition mornitor
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