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Brand: HC FENG
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Main Product : Cutting Coolant Purification Equipment Oil/Water Separator Machine/Device Oil and Water Separator Machine/Device Slicing/Cutting Fluid/Filtering. Filtration/Removing Excess Components Coolant Sump Cleaner Tramp oil removal system Emulsion purification Deodorizing machine Filtration/removing excess components. Chip/Sludge Removal Machine Fine Chip Removal Machine
Brand: 常宏貿易有限公司
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Main Product : Tool Holder
Brand: Yuan-Li
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Main Product : Nano-level vacuum., Small size;low noise;high efficiency., Variable-frequency vector control;constant-flow system without jam., Pioneer of eco-friendly technology., Saving energy resource,power,maintenance,and consumables., Perfect design for supplying small power but large blast volume.
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Main Product : Powerfull Mold Springs, Automobile Parts Mold, Optoelectronics Mold, Home Appliances Mold, Computer Series Mold, Office Automation Mold
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