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Main Product : 自 1951 年以來,瀚柏格公司一直致力於研發和製造用於銑削、車削和磨削的高精度工件夾具。 身為硫化橡膠夾固頭的發明者,瀚柏格是現代夾持解決方案的先驅與領導者。 瀚柏格提供的產品包括旋轉類卡盤、芯軸、靜止類卡盤、快速更換系統和自動化解決方案。 HAINBUCH focuses on process-optimizing solutions for set-up, clamping, measurement and automation. The product portfolio includes products, such as chucks, mandrels, stationary chucks, quick change-over systems as well as automation solutions.
Main Product : Magnetic Tools, Magnetic Chuck, Magnetic Table, Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Electromagnetic Chuck, Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck
Main Product : 5 Axis Vises, Self-Centering Vises, CNC Vises, Precision Vises, Powerful Vises, Pneumatic Vises, Permanent Magnetic Vises, Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chucks , Magnetic Lifters, CNC Tombstones, Precision Index Tables, Dividers, Dividing Heads, Rotary Tables, Quick Mold Change System, and other Milling Machine Accessories
Main Product : Machine Tool, Machine Tool Accessory, Air Tools
Main Product : 1. Rotary Table, Dividing Head, Hydraulic Machine Vise, Angle Vise, 4&5 Axis Self Centering Vise, MC Power Vise, Clamping Kit, Ground Parallels_x000D_ 2.Punch Former, Tool Makers Vise, Sine Vise, EDM Vise, Demagnetizer, Magnetic Tools_x000D_ 3. Collet Chuck System, Collet, Collet Holder,Pull Studs, Keyless Chucks, Boring Head , Height Presetter_x000D_ 4. NC Live Center, 3-Jaw Scroll Chuck, Soft Jaw_x000D_ 5. Drill Grinder, End Mill Grinder
Main Product : Modular Clamping System, Zero-point system, self-centring vise., Punch Former, Punch Grinder, Tool Maker Vise, Wire Cut EDM Vise, Magnetic Tools, Milling Vise, Rotary Table, Indexer, Dividing Head, Measuring Tools, Lathe Accessories, 3-Jaw Chucks, Shank, Arbor, ER Collets, Diamond Tools, Air Tapping Machine, Universal Arm Magnetic Base, Air Grinder, Parallel Vise, Vise in Row,
Main Product : Magnet Application Tools, Magnet, Permanent Chuck, Electromagnetic Chuck, Demagnetizer, Lifting, Roller, Round, Rotary, Vacum System, Separator, Magnetic Chuck, Other Hardwares and Accessories for Machine Tool, End Mills Collet Chucks and Tool, Holders
Main Product : Chou & Hsieh Co., Ltd. is looking for partners in other countries to distribute Solid Carbide Cutting Tools we manufactured under our own brand. Send us your request for quote, we will reply with our program and offer. Our Products: # 3DMILLING Solid Carbide Endmills # 3DMILLING Milling Cutters & Solid Carbide Indexable Inserts # 3DMILLING Abrasive Filament Brushes for Deburring
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