Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : CNC Rotary Table, Horizontal CNC Rotary Table, CNC tilting Rotary Table, Auto Pallet Changer System, Hydraulic Index Table
Main Product : 5 Axis Vises, Self-Centering Vises, CNC Vises, Precision Vises, Powerful Vises, Pneumatic Vises, Permanent Magnetic Vises, Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chucks , Magnetic Lifters, CNC Tombstones, Precision Index Tables, Dividers, Dividing Heads, Rotary Tables, Quick Mold Change System, and other Milling Machine Accessories
Main Product : CNC Rotary Table, Tilting Rotary Table, Index Table, Auto Pallet Changer System
Main Product : Modular Clamping System, Zero-point system, self-centring vise., Punch Former, Punch Grinder, Tool Maker Vise, Wire Cut EDM Vise, Magnetic Tools, Milling Vise, Rotary Table, Indexer, Dividing Head, Measuring Tools, Lathe Accessories, 3-Jaw Chucks, Shank, Arbor, ER Collets, Diamond Tools, Air Tapping Machine, Universal Arm Magnetic Base, Air Grinder, Parallel Vise, Vise in Row,
Main Product : CNC Rotary Table、Large Size Horizontal CNC Rotary Table、 Palletizing Systems、Tool Turrets for Lathe 、 Index Table
Main Product : Power Vise, Vise CIM, FMS, FA Quick-Change, Manual Quick Lock
Main Product : Automation Technology Provider ◆Automation and power-saving equipment ◆Precise positioners for factory automation ◆Precise positioners for machine tools ◆Peripheral devices for presses ◆Various types of automated machines
Main Product : Vibration-dampened tools for turning, milling and boring, boring tools and boring heads, metal cutting tools and tool holders, workholding device, vises, hydraulic chucks and manual chucks.
Main Product : Roller Gear Cam Indexing, Cam, Rotary Table
Main Product : CNC Rotary Table, 5 Axes Tilting Rotary Table, Automatic Pallet Change System, DDM Rotary Table
Main Product : Machine Tool, Machine Tool Accessory, Air Tools
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