Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : Servo Turret (driven & static), Driven turret with Y axis, 8000rpm long operatioin driven turret, Motor spindle, Rotary table, BMT & VDI driven & static Tool holder, tool holder with various coupling interfaces, Collet Chucks and other accessories
Main Product : Chucks , Collets , Cutters , Grippex , Face Drivers , live tooling for VDI 、BMT 、HSK、BT、Capto holders...
SUZHOU GUTIAN automation technology CO,.LTD
Main Product : Production and sales of NC machine tools and automation equipment core function components. Our main products include cam NC rotary table, cam lathe tool turret, cam ATC magazine, ATC mechanism, and cam indexer.
Main Product : CNC Rotary Table、Large Size Horizontal CNC Rotary Table、 Palletizing Systems、Tool Turrets for Lathe 、 Index Table
Main Product : Machine Tool, Machine Tool Accessory, Air Tools
Main Product : clamping heads, hydraulic clamping tools, hydraulic rotary units
Main Product : Oil Mist Collectors, Lathe Turret, Rotary Tables, Live Centers
Suzhou hance Measuement equipment Co.Ltd
Main Product : CNC、日本MST角度頭
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