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Main Product : Manual pulse generator, Encoders, Couplings, Cables
Main Product : Industrial Sludge Cleaners, Oil Skimmer, Oil Mist Collector, UPS, AVR
Main Product : ArmaCoil, HeliCoil, HjtCoil, ACME, BOLLHOFF, E-Z LOK
Yeu-Lian Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Main Product : Customized Operation Panel, Customized Circuit Board, Relay Module Interface Board, Industrial PC, MPG Manual Pulse Generator, Pendant Encoder, Digital Code Rotary Switch, Cabinet Fabrication and Assembly
Main Product : Positioning Stage , Cross Roller Bearing , Gonio Way, Shrink Fit Machine, Pneumatic Gripper
Main Product : I/O Interface Module Relay module EtherCAT Slave module Assembly cable
Main Product : HIWIN MIKROSYSTEM has been dedicated to the research and development and manufacturing of components, systems, and equipment for linear motion and positioning control. Its products include "precision motion" and "control element", such as controller, drive , linear motor, direct drive motor, torque motor, spindle motor, AC servo motor, position measurement systems & nanometer linear motor stage.
Bosch Rexroth, Emerson Aventics, Emerson ASCO
Main Product : Rexroth Hydraulic, Ball screw, Linear Rail Emerson Aventics Pneumatic
Main Product : BLDC/BDC Motor Driver, Multi-channel Temperature Controller, Communication Interface Module(RS-232、RS-485、CAN Bus), I/O Extension Module, Digital-to-Analog/Analog-to-Digital Conversion Module (ADC/DAC), Touched Screen Customized Services: PCB Design and Layout, Firmware/Software Design and Development, System Integration, Automation and Control System Planning
Main Product : Switches, Terminal Blocks
Main Product : Since its foundation in 1959, KTR has engage in developing powerful drive and brake components. We, KTR Taiwan, will cherish the support from local clients and improve our quality operation efficiency, cost and delivery to our client. To give feedback to our clients, we are making effort in following directions: moving our branch to new location, increase measuring instrument and more testing benc
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