Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : Motor Built-in High Speed Spindle, CNC Tool Holder, Electrical High Speed Booster
Main Product : Computer Numerical Controller, Servo Motor and Drive System, Spindle Motor and Built-In Spindle
Main Product : GTW: Bearing, Spindle GAT: Rotary Joint, VS Sensorik: Encoder, LEHMANN: Rotary Table
Main Product : Spindles, High-Speed Spindles, Built-In Spindles (Motorized Spindles), Direct-Drive Spindles, Belt-Drive Spindles, Lathe Spindles, Gear-Drive Spindles, Mill-turn Spindles, Multi-spindles
Main Product : Turning Spindles, Milling Spindles, Grinding Spindles, High Frequency Spindles, Built-In Motor Spindles, Horizontal Boring and Milling Machine Spindles, B-axis Spindle Swivel Head
Main Product : Bearing, Lubrication System, Maintenance, Reliability System, Linear Motion, Spindle Design & Development, Seals, Power Transmission
Weiss spindle, JTEKT koyo bearing
Main Product : Weiss precision spindle, JTEKT koyo precision beaqring
Hongju Precision
Main Product : Tool Changers and Magazines, Spindles
Main Product : Spindle, Ultrasonic Spindle Module
Jie Sheng
Main Product : High Speed Spindle Motor, Induction Servo Motor, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor, Rotor and Stator Unit.
Main Product : Spindles For CNC Machining Center, CNC Surface Grinding Machine,CNC External Grinding Machine, CNC Internal Grinding Machine, CNC,Gear Grinding Machine, CNC Thread Grinding Machine, CNC Turning,Machine, CNC Boring Machine, CNC Special Purpose Machine, Semiconductor Production Equipment, CNC Five-Axis Machining Center,High Speed Cutting Tools
Main Product : Boring Spindle, Milling Spindle, Drilling Spindle Unit, Tapping Spindle Unit, Hydraulic Slide, NC Servo Slide, Built-in Spindle, Facing Head Spindle, Auto Tool Changer Spindle, CNC machine spindle
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