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Main Product : Gear Box,Coupling, Clutche, Brakes,Torque Limit. Turret. Tool holder. Pump
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Main Product : Shaft, Slide Bearing, Linear Guide Way, Twin Parallel Shaft Guide Way, Ball Screw, Coupling, Precision Stage, Universal joint, Cross Roller Way, Bearings, Linear Motor
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Main Product : ZF Friedrichshafen AG with its Special Driveline Technology business unit offers a wide range of industrial drives, brakes and clutches for mechanical engineering applications as well as customized drive solutions.
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Main Product : Reducer, AC/DC Motor, Gear Box
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Main Product : Electromagnetic clutch & brake Powder clutch & brake Tension controller
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Main Product : Coupling, Torque Limiter, Clampex, Precision Joints, Torque Measuring
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Main Product : Sumitiomo、Axismateria、Atom、Sinfonia
Sumitomo, Alfa-sys, OJIYAS, Urma, Baublies, HPMT
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Main Product : MITUTOYO Measuring Instruments, SUMITOMO Cutting Tools, SINFONIA Electric-Magnetic Clutch/Brake, OSAKI Electric-Magnetic Brake, OJIYAS Thread Gauges/Airmicrometer, ALFA-SYS Tool Presetter, BAUBLIES Roller Burnishing Tools, URMA Boring Tools and Reamers, HPMT Endmill/Drill/Special tool, EMUGE-FRANKEN Taps/Cold-form taps/ Offset speedy tap holder/Endmill/ 5-axis special tool/ Mechnical clamping products for gear grinding machine, NAWA PCD Special tool, HPMT Endmill/Drill, EMUGE-FRANKEN Taps/Drills/Tread Mills/Tool Holders/Precision Workholding
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