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Main Product : Energy Chain, Ready chain, Cable Carriers , chainflex Cables, Ready cable , guidelok, twisterband, e-spool ,Plain Bearings, drylin, Linear Slide Bearings, xiros, igubal, Ball Bearing, iglidur, dryspin, drive, robolink, delta robot
Main Product : Deep Groove Ball Bearings, Angular Contact Ball Bearings, Precision Rolling Bearings, Ball Screw Support Bearings, Roller Bearings, Cross Roller Bearings, Flexible Beaings,Fluid Dynamic Bearings, TD Strainwave Drive.
Main Product : Bearing, Lubrication System, Maintenance, Reliability System, Linear Motion, Spindle Design & Development, Seals, Power Transmission
Main Product : Angular contact ball bearings Product line 7014 (this series does not require external forced cooling) 21 steel balls(11.906mm)bearing for 8,000rpm spindles With self designed PEEK material cage, under the same rigid (preload) condition, the spindle temperature rise is lower than 20% under the condition of limiting speed, and the life is extended by more than two times. 21 steel balls(11.906mm)bearing for 10,000rpm spindles The spindle not only has higher rigidity (preload), but also lower temperature rise. 7014 small steel ball series— 10,000rpm bearing with 29 balls (dia. 7.938mm) Lower temperature rise with the same ball diameter According to the different parameters, can meet with the use of 10,000 and 12,000rpm 21 ceramic balls(11.906mm)bearing for 12,000rpm spindles Technical breakthrough: more load capacity, covering both high-speed cutting and heavy cutting; lower temperature rise, under the conditions of speed limit, the temperature is much lower than 15 ℃, without external forced cooling. 7014 small ceramic ball series— 12,000rpm bearing with 29 balls (dia. 7.938mm) Lower temperature rise with the same ball diameter 7014 small ceramic ball series— 15,000rpm bearing with 29 balls (dia. 7.938mm) Lower temperature rise with the same ball diameter
Main Product : Slydway, Rollon Linear guide, Cable Chain, Seals, Bearing, Touch probe, Tool setter, Power Scraper, LOSMA Mist Collector, Bend-Resistant Flexible Cable, Rollon Actuators, Unisorb Fixator, Epoxy Grout, Steady Rest, Safety Fence X-Guard, Unitec Roller Bearing
Main Product : Ballscrew, Linear Guideway, Bearings, DATORKER® Strain Wave Gear, Industrial Robot, End Effector, Wafer Robot, Equipment Front End Module (EFEM), Wafer Aligner, Medical Equipment, Torque Motor Rotary Table, Linear Motor, Servo Drive, AC Servo Motor, Torque Motor Rotary Tables, Linear Actuator
C&U Bearings
Main Product : Deep Groove Ball Bearings,Tape Roller Bearings ... various type of bearing.
Main Product : Shaft, Slide Bearing, Linear Guide Way, Twin Parallel Shaft Guide Way, Ball Screw, Coupling, Precision Stage, Universal joint, Cross Roller Way, Bearings, Linear Motor
Main Product : Compact Slewing Ring、High precision slewing Ring
Skeye Machinery co.,LTD
Main Product : bearing Granite component platform
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