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Main Product : Stud welding machine / ARC welding machine / Washers
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Main Product : Mechanical and hydraulic forging presses, friction and electric drive screw presses, trimming presses for shearing forged pieces, knuckle joint presses. Set up in 1969, Mecolpress supply machines from 8.000 kN to over 10.000 kN for special projects. The company also offers complete forging lines including bar sawing, graphitizing, heating furnaces, hand-operatedor automatic trimming presses
Abicor Binzel TH6i Optical Seam Tracking sensor for advanced synergic multi-process equipment welding robots
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Main Product : Baseauto Industry automation pte ltd. is currently the only successful integration of ABB robots and Germany ABICOR BINZEL TH6D/I 6D space welding automation system dealer for replacing isomorphic but different sizes of multi-spec small multi-work production simplified complex fixture design equipped with ESAB ARISTO 500 0i U82 Digital Super Pulse Welding Machine is the most unique high-end welding technology of this integrated technology on display.
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Main Product : Finnpower Hose Crimping/cutting Machines. T-Drill collaring/flanging/chipless cutting/spinning machine. CNC profile rolling machine Tube end reducing /expanding machine Tube bending toolings.
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Main Product : Automatic Cutting & Welding Equipment, Portable Shear Welder, Automatic Meal Strip Shear Welder, Bending Rollers, Seam Welder, Cutter & Welders Machines, Robot Welder/NC Postioner, CNC Cutting Machine, Dust Collectors, Laser Cutting Machines
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Main Product : 雷射雕刻機、雷射切割機、雷射焊接機及周邊產品
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