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Main Product : Automatic Cutting & Welding Equipment, Portable Shear Welder, Automatic Meal Strip Shear Welder, Bending Rollers, Seam Welder, Cutter & Welders Machines, Robot Welder/NC Postioner, CNC Cutting Machine, Dust Collectors, Laser Cutting Machines
Abicor Binzel TH6i Optical Seam Tracking sensor for advanced synergic multi-process equipment welding robots
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Main Product : Baseauto Industry automation pte ltd. is currently the only successful integration of ABB robots and Germany ABICOR BINZEL TH6D/I 6D space welding automation system dealer for replacing isomorphic but different sizes of multi-spec small multi-work production simplified complex fixture design equipped with ESAB ARISTO 500 0i U82 Digital Super Pulse Welding Machine is the most unique high-end welding technology of this integrated technology on display.
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