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Main Product : CNC Machining Center, Sawing Machine, Auto Sawing Machine, Press Machine, Angle Sawing Machine, Double Head Sawing Machine
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Main Product : Mechanical and hydraulic forging presses, friction and electric drive screw presses, trimming presses for shearing forged pieces, knuckle joint presses. Set up in 1969, Mecolpress supply machines from 8.000 kN to over 10.000 kN for special projects. The company also offers complete forging lines including bar sawing, graphitizing, heating furnaces, hand-operatedor automatic trimming presses
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Main Product : Hydraulic machine, hand tool machinery,Axial piston pump,Hyddraulic power tank, Coolant Through Spindle
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Main Product : Riveting Machine, Magnetic Drill, Tapping Machine
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Main Product : Hydraulic Presses
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