Digital Transformation
Green Transformation
Main Product : CNC Lathes , CNC Turning and Milling Center, Vertical Machining Center, Machining Centers (Vertical, Five-Axis), Tapping Machines, Machining Centers(Gantry Type)
Main Product : CNC Lathes, Vertical CNC Lathes, Multi-tasking Turning Center, Vertical Machining Center, 5 Axes Vertical Machining Center, Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems
Main Product : CNC Lathe, CNC Vertical Machining Center, CNC Horizontal Machining Center, Nano Class Ultra Precision Turning Center, CNC Oval Turning Center, CNC Dynamic Balancing & Correction Machine, Fully Automated Production Line
Main Product : CNC Lathe, Heavy Duty Precision Lathe, Lathe, Center Lathe-Sun Firm Machinery 63 years of professional experience in lathe manufacturing and built a full range of CNC lathes and precision lathes that meet customer needs and are of high quality. Sun Firm provides customized products with swing over bed diameter 500~3,500mm, width of bed 400~2,200mm, spindle diameter 100~800mm, distance between cen
Main Product : Auto Lathes, CNC Turning Lathes, CNC Turning and Milling Center, Lathes (Swiss Type)
Main Product : Vertical Machining Center, CNC Lathe, Horizontal Machining Center, Double Column Machining Center, CNC Turning & Milling Center, CNC Vertical Lathes, Machining Centers(Vertical, Five-Axis), and other Auxiliaries and Equipment for Factory Automation
Main Product : Automatic Lathes, CNC Lathes, CNC Turning and Milling Center, Swiss Type Lathes
Main Product : Turning and Milling Center
Main Product : 1.Precision Machine Manufacturing。2.Connector、Waterproof Connector。3.Precision Molds、Powder Metallurgy Parts。4.Auto Controller、Wiring Assembly。5.Wireless Communication、Powder Metallurgy Parts。6.Medical Equipment、Health Care。7.Logistics Channel Product Agent。
Main Product : Machining Center, CNC Lathe, Tube Cutting Machine, Tube Bending Machine, Horizontal Boring Machine, Robots for Material Handing, Robots for Welding, Other Robots, Laser Cutting Machine
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