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会社名 : Kingtec Technical Co., Ltd

製品 : KINGSSEL 3D Printer

Contact Person : 徐子翔

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ブース番号 : 2B815

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In 2012, KINGTEC started developing technology of 3D printing and production.
Recently, KINGTEC develop lots of patent of 3D printer so that speed up development of 3D printing industry.
In 2012, 2013 & 2014, KINGTEC was rewarded by Hsinchu City Government SBIR industrial research program.
In 2016, KINGTEC was rewarded by International Exhibition Design.
In these years, KINGTEC is rewarded by kinds of organization; meanwhile, we make an outstanding achievement in 3D printing industry.
Printer of KINGSSEL focus on industrial using, not only high accuracy & stability, but also operating convenience, it is applicable in kinds of industry, ex: aerospace, plastic injection molding, module using, education,etc. KINGTEC have professional skill & plenty experience, we are able to assist enterprise & industry to adopt 3D printer. Furthermore, KINGTEC offer outstanding after-sale service so that customer can easily solve problems. What KINGTEC do is creating useful value to customer.
Therefore, this is a reason that why KINGTEC can stand in 3D printer industry.
KINGTEC has been in the 3D Printing industry for many years. After 2 years of development and using feedback from our customers, KINGTEC has released a new series of 3D Printer called KING 3D.
KING 3D is designed to improve the user experience.
KING 3D uses five patents making KING 3D the most useful, convenient and user friendly 3D printer.
The new functions include:
1. Supports different materials(more then ten materials)
2. Quick release nozzle
3. Automatic filament detection
4. Advanced temperature monitoring
5. Wireless printing
6. Modular design
7. Independent auto-leveling by mechine
8. 5" touch screen
KING 3D is made using highly accurate CNC machines. All functions are controlled with an advanced on board processor offering accuracy & stability.
KING 3D has gained "Research of SBIR" from the Taiwanese government as well as second prize at the Taiwan Plastics & Rubber Machine Awards for Excellence in Research & Innovation in 2016.
KING 3D will become the industry standard for FDM based 3D printers in the market.



※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Mechine Type Delta
Control Panel 5” colorful LED touch screen
Nozzle Type Quick release nozzle(bundled one nozzle)
Nozzle Diameter 0.2~0.6mm(Optional)
Build Volume ∅230x270mm
Layer Thickness 0.05~0.3mm
Consumables PLA、ABS、Nylon、TPE...etc.
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Extruder KING 3DP Extruder(our new patent)
Bulid Plate Type Aluminum \ Quick release plate
Plate Leveling Automatic leveling technology
Heat Bed Supports up to 120 degrees C
Temperature Monitoring Security System Real-time monitoring system of temperature will stop mechine when it detect unusual.
Automatic filament detection It can detect the filament is depleted or not.
lllumication System LED light
Operation interface Self developed interface \ Mutiple languages
Processor ARM 32bit CPU
Software Interface Supports CN/EN
File Format .STL ~ .OBJ / .gcode
Dimensions(WxDxH) 380x410x780mm
Weight 13Kg
Wifi Module Can control KING 3DP by wifi