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Product Description : Digital imaging combined with advanced optical system A manual, nosepiece type microscope which meets the various needs of observation, inspection, research and analysis across a wide range of industrial fields. Higher NA and a longer working distance than ever before means superior optical performance and efficient digital imaging. Maximum sample size: 150 x 150 mm
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Product Description : Equator 系統採用獲得專利的低成本設計、獨特的結構及操作方式,是一套高速的比對檢具,能檢測中到大量已生產製造完成的零件。 Equator 系統是一種彈性檢具,具備快速、高重現性及便於使用等特色,適合手動或自動應用使用,因此全球數百家製造商紛紛將其目前的量測方法更換成 Equator 系統。
Universal Standard Vision Technology Corporation
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Product Description : Automatic In-production Inspection TIMI45RF/45F series measuring machine assists QC staff to real-time control the quality status on the production line and implement immediate correction to avoid the waste. Background of the Application In-process inspection means to include laboratory Quality Assurance inspection and on-site autonomous inspection. For a long years, inspections are performed in laboratory and take times. Besides, measurement items are very limited because of the usage of common gauges and the measurement results vary from operator to operator. Manually copying the measurement results is even more labor and time consuming. Under the trend of smart manufacturing, intelligent measurement with on-site automated inspection and database network concatenation becomes imperative. Solution In order to effectively perform the distributed on-site autonomous inspection, we design and introduce customers the USDV'S auto/ flash type image measuring machine. Set different measurement items according to the process, and disperse all dimensional inspection items in individual process. Furthermore, by simplifying the measurement script, the inspection times for the full size measurement can be significantly shorten and achieve the goal of full inspection. It is very suitable for in-process inspection of mass production. Features The TIMI series measuring system can be build the auto-mode measurement scripts. Operators only need to complete a full-size measurement with one button, and the measurement data is automatically recorded. Especially, the system provide the measurement data analysis real time. On the information display screen , operators and QC staff can view Ẋ bar and R chart instantly. Benefits Over years, the tools used on-site for inspection are simple and the inspection items are limited. In addition, the lack of personnel management and training makes it difficult to implement in-process inspections, which often causes invalid inspections. After introducing the solution of auto/flash type measuring machine, not only the inspection items are increased, but the inspection work of the operator is simpler and easier than before. The general manager of the customer confirmed that since the USDV'S measurement solution was introduced , no invalid inspection has occurred so far. Based on the valid inspection data, operators can view the trend graphs of Ẋ and R chart on the monitor. It is easy to perform immediate correction to avoid defective products. 優適達科技一向致力於遠心影像量測設備開發,量測資料快、密、准,可以一鍵自動量測全尺寸,而且具有人性化的操作介面,即框即量,上手容易,是軸杆件尺寸量測的最佳利器。
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