Product Name : BOSS 542-551 Bar Feeder

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The Boss is the bar feeder for long bars that has been sold the most in the world, with more than 30,000 installed units. The Boss is an automatic bar feeder suitable for lathes with fixed or sliding headstocks, bar diameters between Ø5mm to Ø42mm (BOSS 542) and Ø5mm to Ø51mm (BOSS 551), lengths from 1000 to 4400 mm. It is simple to use for the operator and has a very solid structure: it is the Boss!
✽ The guide channel remains completely closed during the machining thanks to a IEMCA patented project. It allows to obtain the maximum performance when the bar is turning and at the same time to totally avoid the oil leakage.
✽ Deploys the polyurethane (PU) made bushing blocks of various sizes for choice to optimally fit the bar size in the process; so to effectively constrain the vibration in production and acquire high-quality outputs.
✽ The extremely strong design of the new basements gives the barfeeder an unmatchable stiffness.
✽ The pneumatic cylinder driven synchronization device rigidly links the pusher and the lathe spindle; so to ensure the bar feeding movement, forward and backward consistently to avoid bending the bar and assure the accuracy in the process and the production. (Options)
✽ IEMCA tool box convenient storage of the readily used tools, guides, revolving tips, collets,... and so on while running the bar feeder. (Options)