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Product Name : Sludge Chip Saver Vacumer

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KN-V300 Product Features

To solve the cutting of iron filings,aluminum powder,fine sediment...and other long-time deposition in the CNC water tank troubled.
Take the air pressure drive way,to avoid pubilc security problems.
Widely used in metal cutting,aluminum processing,grinding process,engineering plastics.
Patented technology-easy to deal with oily and water-soluble cutting fluid.
Patented technology-special dehydration drying method,can clean CNC water tank.processing liquid,sludge can also be a short time to cleat.
The maximum filter accuracy zan to 1um

Use Value

Reduce the CNC machine failure rate,processing non-performing rate.

Water and Coolant Saving.
Reduce the cost of CNC mechanical downtime and personnel operations.
Maintain the tank liquid capacity,reduce the temperature rise.