Product Name : Manual OM Measuring System

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Manual OM (Optical Microscope) Measuring System

A. Application

This non-contact vision measuring system comprises of high resolution and accuracy CCD, microscope with continuous zoom magnification system, high-precision linear scales and stage. It is an optical precision measuring system with high precision and efficiency, which is widely applied in various precision industries. Such as,

Material analysis and identified (Fiber, ceramics, Power, Metallurgy, Chemical industry)
Semiconductor Wafer, SOP, QFP, BGA, CSP, Lead Frame, Package, COF
PCB products Printing Circuit Board, Flexible PCB, HDI, FPC
Display component TFT-LCD, PDP, STN, CRT, Shadow Mask
Optical component, Communication, Camera component
Mechanical precision molds, Metal stamping, Cutting
Medical-related (Teaching and Research institutes )
B. Features

Precision granite base
High resolution & high accuracy CCD camera unit
Optional objective lens with in accordance with the different demands of bright or dark filed, long or short working distance lens
Objective lens magnification 5X, 10X and 20X (2X, 50X are optional)
LED continuous adjustable surface and contour illumination
ARCS standard microscope system, there is Nikon or Olympus microscope system for optional
Z-axis broadband feed using variable speed button + up / down control
Z-axis submicron (0.5 μm) feed using MPG forward / reverse control
Linear transmission
Linear scale resolution: 0.5 μm on X, Y and Z axis
Length accuracy: (3+L/200) μm
Repeatability: 0.003 mm
Connection: RS232 interface in X. Y and Z axis
SI-102 measuring software
Easy import, export Dxf file, offering SPC function
Power system: 1~, AC200V~230V, 50/60 Hz
Made In Taiwan
All series with working table (LxWxH) 1000x1000x672 (mm)
Long working distance objective lens (2X, 50X are optional)
2X working distance 34.6 mm
5X working distance 45 mm
10X working distance 34 mm
20X working distance 30.8 mm
50X working distance 13 mm