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Advantage I.
Nano-Level Vacuum
The high-speed turbo core system equipped with specially-treated Teflon filters features the fine surface density and the lotus effect (isolating water molecules rather than gases). Nano-level filthy particles are separated from the surface and easily detached or removed by pulse-boosting impact in order to overcome the current problem of stubborn particles or powders perplexing the industry for a long time.

Advantage 2.
Small Size; Low Noise; High Efficiency
High-tech intensive pleated design with a larger filtering surface several times the size of a conventional bag filter's duck is in conformity with the industrial demands to filter a great deal of powders. Promote a filter's service life and reduce costs of consumable parts to be replaced or repaired. Acrylic vacuum tubes in a row designed on the machine's lower margins allow a user to clearly understand filtering or vacuuming and are easily removed and installed without unnecessary manpower or time wasted.
The system with a small size occupying less space can be placed beside a processing machine and different from a general conventional central-controlling filtering system with some drawbacks such as large size, loud noise, outdoors only, long pipelines, and power consumption out of differential pressure.

Advantage 3.
Variable-Frequency Vector Control; Constant-Flow System without Jam
The intelligent pulse filtering system design in conformity with the industrial demands is divided into automatic constant-pressure pulse filtering and timing pulse filtering in which the differential pressure factor is fine-tuned by one user and the pressure is automatically adjusted without any differential pressure meter added.

Advantage 4.
State-of-the-Art Design; Carbon-Catalytic Method to Clean Air
In order to match demands in an air conditioning factory and deliver real energy saving, the main unit could be series-connected to a dust collector for not only fine powders filtered again but also a factory's odor improved by the active carbon-catalytic method to clean air without any cold air discharged.