Product Name : S56-MT Traveling-column Machining Center

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S56-MT offers higher machining capacity, together with superior speed, all in a compact construction. It combines the smoothness of a drilling tapping center and the capacity of a VMC in one machine. It has a wide worktable which is able to handle big cutting jobs and combined with extra high speed design, making it unmatched in performance and efficiency.

Travel Column Structural Design -Features of outstanding structure:
The base of the machine refers to the structure concept of horizontal machine -the lift-up design, which could lighten the weight of moveable cast irons of the machine base& table and keep the high rigidity of the machine when making high speed machining.
3 axes employ high rigidity roller type linear guideways for outstanding machining rigidity.

Clean machining area
With the stainless steel curtain and the partition set on the middle of the work table, the cutting area is well separated from the standby area which allows the coolant shower flushes the cutting chips completely.
The tool magazine is separately mounted in combination with a door for complete isolation from the machining area. This not only prevents contamination from chips or coolant, but also makes maintenance easier. Chip flushing on magazine side chips on the magazine are removed efficiently.

Large table surface
The work table accommodates not only large work piece but also numbers of small ones, complicated machining jobs can be finished just in one set up.

High efficient pallet change system -High speed rotary type APC
Employs high precision 3-piece coupling for direct pallet change without raising up the pallet, featuring short pallet exchange time with high reliability.
Capable of working with A/C axis or clamping fixtures for further machining flexibility and efficiency.