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FEMCO understood global potential growth of Alloy Wheel Segment and started manufacturing machines more than 20 years ago. FEMCO now is one of the largest machine tool makers that for offering solutions to “Alloy Wheel Manufacturing Industry Segment” – Passenger Cars and Motorcycles, until now we have supplied more than 2500 machines all over the world. We offer complete solution-Machines, Vision System, Clamping Systems, Engineering, Automation, Measuring, Cleaning, Laser Marking and after-sales service. Under machining we can offer – Vertical Solutions (Including Double and Single turrets) or Horizontal Solution.
We take complete responsibility of designing appropriate machining solutions which not only includes machines but appropriate engineering solutions i.e. right selection of clamping systems, tooling selection, designing customize automation, optical measurement system, AVM (Automatic Virtual Metrology) – unique solution offered by FEMCO.

AVM is a real-time inspection system, which captures important quality parameters which needs to be controlled. AVM offers various benefits including Data Collection, Data Analysis, and Yield & Machine Status, which can be used for machine optimization. Laser Marking machines engrave QR-code on each work pieces which can store complete quality detail of work pieces which can be used to trace back the process, quality details of that particular wheel, Our present solution are ready for Industry 4.0.