Company Name : EMUGE-Werk Richard Glimpel GmbH & Co.KG

Product Name : EMUGE Speedsynchro® Modular - Softsynchro® Technology with Transmission Gearing

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The EMUGE Speedsynchro Modular® uses an integrated transmission gearing with a transmission ratio of 1 : 4.412, combined with the patented Softsynchro® minimal length compensation function. This allows to work in an unproblematic and relatively low synchronous rotational speed range (< 1500 rpm) of the machine tool, but to achieve at the same time high cutting speeds of the threading tool due to a multiplication of the spindle speed. Cutting range M1 - M8, max. spindle speed: 2000 rpm, max. tool speed: 8824 rpm, internal coolant supply, MQL for 1-channel or 2-channel systems.
Main advantages: Savings in threading cycle time, savings in power consumption, reduction of axial force on threading tool, increase in efficiency! As well as accurate thread depths as the reversal of the threading tool is done by the machine drive spindle not by a reverse the sense of rotation as in a tapping attachment.