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Product Name : Levicron Air Bearing Milling Spindles

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Made-In-Germany : Levicron air-bearing milling spindles series complying with ultra-precision technology.
Featuring High-speed(60,000rpm-100,000rpm),
Easy-to-maintain(air bearing, non-contact- and oil-free operation),
Thermal stability(warm-up time<5min., axial shaft growth<5μm),
Ultra-precision ( run out in shaft< 0.4μm, asynchronous error motion <30nm).
Spindle plays a key role in lathe manufacturing, it's regarded as a heart of lathe, it can directly influence the machining efficiency & cutting quality. Due to nowadays there is much higher industrial standard be setup as well as variety of R&D aspects, Levicron spindles has been proven and widely used in ultra-precision machining. Levicron spindle manufacturer is certainly right here offering the state-of-art spindle solutions, without doubt, this absolutely will help you upgrade CNC lathe