Product Name : Portable Electromagnetic Automatic Drill & Tapping Machine MTM-932ADL

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1. This model can use normal straight handle drill bit or oblique handle drill bit to drill holes. And use tap bit to tap thread. Furthermore it can also use annular cutter to cut holes.
2. The drilling capacity is from 6mm-32mm , the tapping capacity is from 10mm-30mm and the cutting
capacity is up to 110mm.
3. The up/down transmission of the tool bit is by the round shaft gear rack, so the drilled holes and the
tapped threads won’t skew to one side. The processing quality is very good and the machine body is
stable and durable too.
4. The rotation speed of the MTM-932ADL can be changed quickly during running. It’s very
convenient for the operator, and the efficiency is increased accordingly.
5. Drill sleeves、tapping adaptors and borer holder are all with rapid adaptors, very convenient for
replacement of cutters.
6. Tapping adaptors with torsion control, tap bits are protected from being twisted off.
7. Special desigh of tapping handle makes tapping operation easier, any time you need right direction
rotating for tapping or reverse for withdrawing just push it downward or release, even tap on a high
hardness steel, this machine can attain it's function perfectly.
8. With circuit protection of breaking for motor, once any wire of three phases power source is broken
off, this unit could cut off current to motor to prevent motor from being burn out.
9. Comes with drilling force control unit for Auto-feeding:
When drill bit is worn out, this unit will drive feeding intermittently or stop feeding. Once feeding
becomes difficult while making a hole, please replace a new drill bit or re-sharpen the worn out one
in order to protect both drilling tool and machine body from being damaged.
10.Comes with three intermittent breaking rates for breaking chips:
Choose different feeding rates according to different drill bits and material to perform Auto-feeding
operation. This device can break chips intermittently and discharge them while Auto-feeding is
processing, so that chips would not roll on drill bit. Easier to discharge chips.
11.Comes with three feeding rates for Auto-feeding;
Feeding rates are separately 0, 0.15 and 0.25, please choose suitable rate according to size of drill bit
and material of work-piece for drilling.