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"Recently, in response to market demand, we have developed a number of new carbide end mills, starting with the "" Unequal split and Unequal spiral Carbide end mills"" (MUH-IMM Series) and "" Unequal split of Carbide end mills "" ( MUH-GMM series).
The two carbide end mills can enhance the vibration generated by the processing and increase the smoothness of the machined surface through the division ratio of the cutting edge. The unequal spiral design of the MUH-IMM series can strengthen the tool during high-speed machining. Anti-cracking; both carbide end mills have a special round groove design, which can effectively control the chip removal frequency during the plunge milling process.
In order to meet the market's processing requirements for aluminum alloys, copper and other materials, we also published the ""three-flute round land three-relief aluminum carbide end mills"" (MU3-JMA series): the cutting edge of the carbide end mills adopts three clearances. Grinding, improve cutting performance, have a better processing surface, round groove full polishing treatment, effectively suppress the heat generated during processing, make the chip breaking stable, smooth chip removal, and extend the processing life.
Regardless of the products such as turning tools, milling cutters, carbide end mills or accessory sleeves, ECHAINTOOL team has continuously developed and innovated, developed various specifications, and the first-hand new product release information is visible to the official fan group (HTTPS). ://
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