Company Name : JATO Precision Industries Inc

Product Name : CHP206-SS42 Cylin-Intwgrated Collet Chuck

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CHP206-SS42 hydraulic cylinder collet is a special fixture designed for CNC machining center four-axis or five-axis rotary disc clamping automation. CHP206-SS42 built-in hydraulic rotary drive mechanism, the front of the collet is installed in front of the rotating disc There is no need to install the rotary cylinder and the pull tube behind the rotary disk. Therefore, when the rotary disk rotates and swings, there is no slewing mechanism behind the mechanism to interfere with the movement path of the rotary disk. The CHP206-SS42 works with the original German SpannStar precision collet, and the collet can be replaced with a set of quick change wrenches within 30 seconds. Machine work efficiency.