Company Name : JATO Precision Industries Inc

Product Name : JAP100 Pneumatic Diaphragm Chuck

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JATO JAP100 Cylinder-Integrated Pneumatic Diaphragm Chuck provides you with a high accuracy yet hassle-free diaphragm chucking solution, saving you from the trouble of installing rotary cylinders, tailor making any draw tubes or air feeders. And with its real front-mounting design, the installation is revolutionarily easier than ever.

With its super precision clamping accuracy (repeatability 0.005mm) and gentle clamping force, the self-contained JAP100 Air Diaphragm Chuck is your ideal choice for any accuracy-critical and fragile material machining tasks. Plus the highly sealed chuck body, it helps prevent cutting chips, dust or any debris from entering, further ensuring a longer product life of the chuck and its accuracy.