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Product Name : Thru-Hole Short Type (Compact) Precision Rotary Cylinders RHC-S SERIES

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1.Thru-hole design is conducive to the automation center work-piece feeding. Or for convenience of processing of the long-bar objects.
2.Safety device: cylinders equipped with built-in"check valve", can be effectively prevented from abrupt input-pressure failure.
This type of rotary cylinder is designed with both front and back side locking structure. The back side locking design not only promote whole structure rigidity but also reduce there action force occurring.
3.Compacting design:Compacting design can increase the structure's rigidity and reduce the Moment's reaction , light weight can lower the burdens of machining spindle, preventing the constructive interference.
4.Light weight: The cylinder made of high-intensity aluminum alloy and high-strength alloy steel, it can lighten the weight, reducing the rotation inertial effects even enhance intensity firmly then comes with effects of reducing the temperature.
5.Durability/life-span: adopting high quality alloy steel even harden treated to strengthen structure firmly , then with superior quality seals and professional fine-grinding steps thus come with the features of high intensity, high rigidity and durability.