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Great products begin with great design, so SOLIDWORKS
offers tools that enable you to get from concept to parts
and assemblies. Used by more than 5.6 million designers,
engineers, managers, and manufacturers around the world,
SOLIDWORKS helps drive smarter, faster and easier product
development. SOLIDWORKS helps companies innovate thanks
to industry-leading capabilities including:
• Conceptual Design: Purpose-built tools for industrial design
and mechanism design.
• Surfacing: Advanced tools that ensure you can create any
shape quickly.
• Direct Editing: Direct manipulation of 3D CAD geometry.
• Production-quality 2D drawings: Communicate how
designs should be manufactured.
• Large Assemblies: Power to handle extremely large designs,
even hundreds of thousands of parts.
• Reverse Engineering: Tools for point cloud and mesh data
surfacing and manipulation.
• Specialized design functions: Mold design, sheet metal,
weldments, and pipe and electrical routing.
• Automation: Product and drawing configurability,
free Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), batch
• Generative Design: Automated part shape development
based on functional and manufacturing requirements.
• CAD Libraries: Over 1 million hardware, electrical items and
symbols to add to your designs.
• Online catalogs: Both user-built and certified vendor
• Import/Export: Production-proven, 2D and 3D import/
export of all major formats.
• Direct Interoperability: SOLIDWORKS 3D Interconnect for
use of non-native CAD files.
• Design for Manufacturability (DFM): Checks for
interference, tolerances drawing standards.