Company Name : Universal Standard Vision Technology Corporation

Product Name : Tele-centric Image Measurement Instrument

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Booth No. : 4C548



Measuring Big Data Makes the Contour Full at One Glance
The Expert in High Precision Image Measuring Device.

Large field-of-view & micron level precision.
Measure over 2000 data in one second and automatically monitor the shaft dimensions.
Circumferential measuring big data reveal the details of the shaft contour.
Minimum measuring arc radius up to R0.15

TIMI Telecentric Image Measurement Instrument comes with two models TIMI16 and TIMI34 with different measurement range and both are capable of micron level precision. TIMI16’s optical magnification is 2times of TIMI34, so its measurement resolution is also doubled up. For measuring screw sizes, TIMI16 can measure up to M12 while TIMI34 is up to M30. TIMIs are also available with desktop and cabinet types to comply with different work environment, respectively. The desktop TIMI designed with smaller size is used for laboratory inspection, and the cabinet TIMI designed with water & oil proof is used for in-process inspection.