Product Name : Push Buttons

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The features of our control units:
1. Our push button body has well designed for easy assembling and also fixed well. It could be disassembled just by hand.
2. The contact of push button has special design to overcome the poor conductive problem in low voltage, it can perform well even in 5V, 5mA.
3. We use the fireproof material of nylon 66 for the housing of contact block, so it also has the cRUus approval.
4. We design a special bulb holder for the LED bulb of illuminated push button. It can prevent the problems of the LED bulb flashing by electrical or magnetic coupling effects and the dim-lit problem while switch the power off.
5. We have designed an adaptor to make 22mm push button can mount on 30mm hole, It can help you to reduce your inventory hugely.
6. We have various accessories such as the shroud, padlock cover, nameplate, and IP66 control station to meet your various demands.