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Product Name : ROTEX GS- Backlash-free flexible shaft coupling

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ROTEX GS is a 3-part, axial plug-in coupling backlash-free under prestress. It is convincing even with critical applications by its backlash-free power transmission, its stiffness which is each adapted to the application and its optimum damping of vibrations. This principle of installation offers significant assembly possibilities which optimize the assembly times in production.

*Ability for axial plug-in. Adjustment of damping through different elastomer hardness of the spiders.
*Compact design, easy assembly/disassembly, electric insulation.
*High power density, adapted torsional stiffness, damping vibrations, for thread drives with pitch < 40 (otherwise an inspection by KTR is necessary)
*High power density, easy blind assembly-disassembly, fail-safe, suitable for average to high gear ratios i≥7, temperature range 80∘C at the maximum.
*High power density, good concentric running properties of the clamping ring hubs, damping vibrations with interrupted cutting, higher accuracy of the ROTEX GS-P design for HSC machining.

-Explosion protection use
ROTEX GS couplings are suitable for power transmission in drives in hazardous areas. The couplings are certified and confirmed according to EC standard 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) as units of category 2G/2D. Please read through our information included in the respective Type Examination Certificate and the operating and mounting instructions at

-Application recommendation
Measurement and control systems : For measurement and control systems a high torsional stiffness of the coupling is required in order to obtain positioning repeatability. The torques that arise are relatively small so that backlash-free, torsionally stiff power transmission is achieved by the elastomer prestress.

Servo and positioning drives : Torsionally rigid shaft-to shaft connections do not only transmit the torque backlash-free and non-rigid, but also torque peaks and vibrations. For driving systems with critical vibrations, the benefit of high stiffness for torque transmission soon becomes a serious disadvantage.

Main spindle drives : With the high torques in the field of machine tools, e.g. direct spindle drives, initial small twisting (under prestress) and damping dependent on the elastomer hardness is achieved. Peak tensions and shock loads are reduced or the resonance range is shifted to non-critical speed ranges, respectively.

-Hub designs
Due to the numerous applications of ROTEX GS for many different mounting situations, this coupling system is available with various hub designs. The different hub designs can be combined optionally within one size.