Product Name : TNC 640 The Contouring Control for Milling, Milling/Turning Machines and Machining Centers

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On a milling/turning machine with TNC 640, you machine the complete workpiece on one machine: milling, turning, milling, in whatever sequence is needed. In addition, you can switch as desired under NC program control between turning and milling. You can switch back and forth regardless of the machine and its axis configuration. The TNC 640 makes all necessary adjustments, e.g. switching to diameter display and setting the datum in the rotary table center.

You create programs for milling and turning operation in plain language the workshop-oriented programming language from HEIDENHAIN. Plain language, conversational format enables you to program right at the machine -- with support from practical prompts and meaningful graphics. Moreover, the TNC 640 features a comprehensive cycle package, which includes cycles for special new machining technologies such as interpolation turning and the hobbing of external gears. These cycles are easily programmed with a few parameters. The TNC 640 then automatically controls the often very complex movements.