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Product Name : Swiss-Type Lathe、Turning & Milling Center、CNC Lathe

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SY2 Swiss-Type Lathe:
◎ Double Built-in Spindle with C-axis position function.
◎ With / Without guide bush device depends on part length, easy to change machining type.
◎ Double Built-in spindles with functional tooling system to provide maximum productivity.
◎ Two deep drilling holder beside sub spindle for more functional machining.

WTS Double Spindles / Double Turrets / Double Y Axis / E-Axis
◎ An E-axis allows for the second spindle and tailstock to move up and down.
◎ The WTS comes with two BMT55 16-Station power turrets that can also be equipped with different types of
BMT55 systems. The upper and lower turrets can work independently with spindles 1 and 2.
◎ A fixed tailstock for long workpieces keeps them parallel, and improves precision and stability during

CT3 Double Spindles / Double Y-Axis / 3 Turrets
◎ 76 mm large size spindle capability.
◎ The unique double turret design puts the Y-axis on the X-axis block. This helps to save space and simplify
control whilst delivering increased stability and precision cutting.
◎ The power turrets are designed and built by CC Machinery especially for the CT series and combine rapid
positioning with an efficient chiller system to avoid thermal deformation and an oil mist lubrication system to
make sure the turrets run smoothly for years.

CB A Most Versatile CNC Lathe:
◎ Multiple Tooling Systems for Versatile Cutting Applications.
◎ Sliding Head without Guide Bush. Increased Efficiency ! Lower Production Cost ! Greater Profitability !
◎ The back side machining consists of a sub-spindle head and a back milling device.