Company Name : ROLLCO TAIWAN CO., LTD.

Product Name : C Rail (Stainless Steel)

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C Rail is made of AISI304 stainless steel and with the following features:
1. The rail is corrosion resistant and comes in max. length up to 4 meters. We could cut the rail length according to customers’ demand.
2. The rail is formed with internal raceways and guarantees best level of protection against impurities, debris and external abuse.
3. The sliders are compact and with the design of eccentric roller, customers could adjust the preload when mounted inside the rail.
4. Rollers are available in stainless steel or standard steel version.
With the benefits of great smoothness, low noise and compactness, C rails are used popularly in the applications of machine tool door enclosure, sliding doors and any sliding applications. For more information, you can download our CAD files and catalogues from our website.