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Quick & Auto Measurement for Trilobular Screw
Product Description : Quick and Auto Measurement solution of Trilobular Screw No need to place trilobular screw centered completely, TIMI16RZ /TIMI34RZ system can automatically and accurately measure the C and D value in a 360° scan. Background of the Application The trilobular screw, self-tapping screw, is often used in mechanical or electrical assembly to prevent loosening. Its C and D values are the major inspection items. Over the years, operators manyally use two kinds of micrometers to measure C and D value. The uncertainty of trilobular thread measurement is higher than that of circular thread measurement. In addition to inconvenient manual operation, measurement data recording by hand writing also greatly prolongs the overall operation work. Solution TIMI16RZ and TIMI34RZ telecentric image measuring instrument makes the measurement of trilobular screw easy through rotation measurement. The Inspector casually and vertically places the screw on the measuring platform, then select the measured area of trilobular thread. In a 360° scan, TIMI measuring system will automatically measure the C and D value. If the triangle of the parts is not a regular triangle, the C value measurement will be greatly affected through a V-type micrometer. However, TIMI system can measure accurately C value. Benefits In additional to the measurement of the screws, TIMI system is suitable not only for the common measurement of the screw, but also for C and D value measurement of trilobular screw. Moreover, based on the D values, it can be judged whether the trilobular screw is uniformly symmetrical. In terms of mass production, TIMI measuring solution overcomes the problem that measurement results vary from operator to operator. Its features of fast and precise measurement significant reduce the workload of in-process QC and effectively promote the productivity.
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