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Integration Solution of Automatic Inspection Auxiliary System for the Shaft
Product Description : TIMI intelligent measurement solution gradually realizes the unmanned production line through integrating with a robotic arm to load and unload the measured parts for inspection. Background of the Application Intelligent inspection of smart manufacturing includes three aspects. Firstly, the automation measurement should be the priority. Secondly, the infrastructure of measuring big data analysis is also essential. The last is to perform inspection by automatic loading and unloading auxiliary system. Nowadays, commonly many CNC processing machines were linked robotic arms to load and unload automatically. In the near future, we can foresee that the automatic inspection with robotic arms will put into practice. The production is gradually moving towards unmanned production. Solution In terms of the above, TIMI measuring solutions are able to design and provide solution of automatic inspection auxiliary system as well as online automatic inspection. The TIMI series measuring instruments have an open measuring space, which is suitable for robotic arms to pick and place measured part. It will measure automatically after the robot arm places the part on the measurement platform. After the measurement is completed, the robot arm then retrieves the part and places it in the right position according to the measurement result. Features The measuring system is compatible with common or six-axis robotic arm. We recommend two-axis robotic arm is enough if the auxiliary conveying devices are available. The simplest design allows TIMI series measuring machines and robotic arms to interact quickly and stably by using a single contact signal. The robot arm and the machine act individually to load-and-unload the measured part. Benefits The implementation of the automatic measurement solution through streaming the information system, the results of the process statistical analysis can be fed back the production system. Then Intelligent manufacturing has completed more than half. The last mile is to replace the manual load-and-unload measurement with a robotic arm. The robotic arm solution can save manpower, but more important is to present the comprehensive effect of information system. Due to the fast measurement speed, TIMI system enough responds to more than one machinery for the inspection of machined parts. It will significantly benefit to decrease the entire workload and achieve the goal of automation measurement. 優適達科技一向致力於遠心影像量測設備開發,量測資料快、密、准,可以一鍵自動量測全尺寸,而且具有人性化的操作介面,即框即量,上手容易,是軸杆件尺寸量測的最佳利器。
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