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Integration Solution of the Shaft Intelligent Measurement
Product Description : The intelligent measurement solution for shaft and screw. Enabling you to effectively upgrade the QA with an intelligent measurement of fast, precise, auto-recording and real-time monitoring. Based on the detection of the center point of the shaft, the geometric measurement result is more objective and reasonable than the contact gauge. It works fast and accurate. Precise type Image Measurement Machine TIMI100P, TIMI34P Precise type image measuring machine is suitable for the precision measurement of the shaft such as vehicle transmission shaft. With upper and lower center tips on both ends, it will get a more accurate measurement effect. If no center hole on the shaft end, a precision collet can be used instead. TIMI34P precise type machine can measure outer diameter up to 33mm and TIMI90P from 20mm to 100mm. For length measurement, TIMI34P and TIMI90P both can measure up to 300mm. That of measuring length more than 300mm can be customized. Features and Function 1. Tips centering device makes CNC shaft measured more accurately. 2. Precisely measure the Geometric tolerance of roundness, coaxiality, concentricity, runout and position. 3. Measure the grinding height difference below 2μm 4. The Design of user-friendly Interface and Select-to-Measure method make the measurement easy to understand and operate. 5. Database solution connecting user’s ERP or SPC system makes it easy to efficiency and instantly monitor QC data in-process.
Universal Standard Vision Technology Corporation
Brand Name: Tele-centric Image Measuring Instrument
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