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Fully-Auto Single Miter Cutting Band Saw
Product Description : ● Angle cutting (R45˚) by manual ● The new design of inclination control box is easier to change the blade while opening the blade cover. ● New upgraded edition - Human-Machine-Interface control panel provides an easy and simple operating system for users. ● Advanced Operation Assistance Systems, build-in 12 different error conditions with 3D machine error indication display on screen. ● Encoder controlled length setting. ● The floating vice can avoid the interference between the shuttle vise and material with material deformations during the back to clamp. ● Inverter controls blade speed and it is easy to adjust the speed for various materials ● Hydraulic vertical press vises are used to bundle cutting, it's not easy of loose for material ● Hydraulic blade tension device, keep the stable blade tension, extend the blade life
Brand Name: Way Train
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