News Release

Chiah-Chyun SY2-42E Turn-mill Center is Highly Praised by Professionals at the Show!


Having been working in the industry for many years, Chiah-Chyun is one of the most important exhibitors at the TMTS show. This time in TMTS 2018, its SY2-42E slide head Swiss type turn-mill center is praised by many professionals at the show.

The machine is designed and developed with reasonable prices as well as practical functions. Here are the main features described below. With high flexibility, onsite operators may choose either they want to install guide bushing or not according to their processing demands. Besides, SY2-42E is installed with a complete tool system, so that both main spindle and sub-spindle could process cutting, drilling, and tapping functions, delivering high processing flexibility for customers. Moreover, the Y2 axis is developed with a milling device that can load eight power tools, promising powerful machining capability.