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Leading Technology of Taiwan Machine Tools Provides the Best Solution


Taiwan's machine tool industry has been improved through its manufacturers' own R&D, and has provided global equipment users with the best solution, including a complete supply chain that integrates parts and accessories production, machine tool assembly as well as the automation system, which is certainly the advantage of this industry to stand as the seventh largest producer of machine tools and accessory in the world. This advantage is utilized to develop the technology of machine tools and accessory that is applied in various market segments to meet the processing needs of different metal product markets. The technological development of Taiwan's machine tools can be divided into whole machine and automated cell:

1.Whole Machine
At present Taiwan's machine tool manufacturers are generally applying the finite element analysis method to product design, which increases the machining accuracy and the reliability of machine tools. Moreover, in response to the needs of the end manufacturing industry, they have also integrated different processing functions and crafting technologies on the basis of the mechanical structure of CNC machine tools to develop multi-axis products with the composite technology. For instance, a five-axis machining center can achieve multiple-type and small-quantity production by combining 3D printing with laser cladding processing, multi-axis cutting processing, and measuring-on-machine-tool technology, which goes in line with the DONE IN ONE concept as well. Furthermore, by combining with the functions of 3D virtual axis advance and retreat, 3D cutting simulation, and 3D online anti-collision, the manufacturers can reduce the waste of processing materials, and prevent collisions between machines.

In addition, Taiwan's machine tools can ensure the quality of the workpiece and the operation life of the machine by timely monitoring of key components and further reach the optimal status of the machining procedures by using timely monitoring of the manufacturing process, and the adaptive adjustment technology of the processing parameters. For example, combining technologies of adaptive cutting load feed control, adaptive cutting chatter suppression, spindle temperature rise compensation, and structural thermal suppression can strengthen the machining accuracy of the five-axis milling and turning machines. Another example is the machine health prediction platform equipped with sawing machine to set up a sawing center so as to connect to the client's machines. Through the center console, this technology can remotely control the machine and return the parameter value to the company; or it can return the wear status of the users' tool through the cloud computing platform.

2.Automated Cell and Production Line
Taiwan's machine tool industry possesses the technology of integrating robotic arms and machine tools, which can apply the proprietary technology of equipment manufacturing, and master the state of the art manufacturing of automobile components, and integrate automation facilities such as robotic arms, unmanned vans, and automatic storage via the M2M technology to establish a highly efficient automated production line capable of producing one aluminum rim every four minutes. The functions of the automated production line include automatic loading and unloading, automatic workpiece distinguishing, automatic positioning, automatic machining, automatic flipping and cleaning, and online automatic measuring.

In response to the aging, shortage and high cost of the global labor force, and in order to meet the customers' needs for consumer market customization, and diverse, rapid production, Taiwan's machine tool industry incorporates technology, knowledge, information, and human ingenuity and creativity to develop and employ the "Smart Manufacturing System" to provide products which will enhance and improve the quality of human life.

Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS) is the largest machine tool exhibition this year in Taiwan, which will present a complete and diversified industrial supply chain with intelligent functions such as temperature rise compensation, anti-collision, and process optimization for single machines, and the automated manufacturing cells and production line built by the "integrated machine tool and automation facilities" equipped with robotic arms. The show will enable all participants to feel and experience Taiwan machine tool industry's efforts and readiness to fulfill smart manufacturing.

Source: Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders' Association