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Taiwan Machine Tool Industry Creates the Infinite Possibilities of Smart Manufacturing


Taiwan machine tool industry has performed brilliantly in developing new models and expanding overseas markets, and is famous for its products with high quality reasonable prices. Benefited from stronger demand of manufacturing industries in China, USA, Turkey, and the EU, it has magnificently generated an export value of US$1,800 million, with an annual growth rate of 17.9% in the first half year of 2018.

Due to the unstoppable trend of Global Industry 4.0, most leading Taiwan machine tool builders have stepped into the field of smart machinery, making single machines intellectualized and multi-tasked, as well as assembly lines going smart. They have also achieved differentiation by using customized software or human-machine interfaces so as to increase the added value of the machine tool industry. According to the Smart Machinery Industry Program of MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs), the smart manufacturing system can be divided into four categories: component, single machine, whole assembly line, and whole factory. The meanings of the intellectualization, and the related products and application fields of Taiwan machine tool industry are as follows:

Taiwan machine tool manufacturers have what it takes to develop smart machinery: a complete chain of the core industry, mature automatic peripheral equipment and systems, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that assist Taiwan machine tool industry, and the full support from the government, academia and research bodies. Therefore, Taiwan manufacturers of machine tools and accessories can form a kind of win-win cooperation, constructing a model of point-line-plane smart manufacturing from single machines, whole assembly lines to whole factories, so that we can be powerful partners in the field of smart manufacturing for global manufacturing industries.

It is time to take action and join us. 「2018 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS 2018)」 will be held at Taichung High Speed Rail Zone from November 7 th to 11th.  In this exhibition, many well-known domestic and foreign exhibitors will focus on the needs of automation, customization, and intellectualization. From the key components with self-aware ability, automation control system and equipment, smart machine tools, smart manufacturing cloud platform to even total solutions, all of them can let visitors see the whole picture of the powerful research energy and fruitful results in Taiwan machine tool smart manufacturing. Moreover, visitors will find how Taiwan machine tool industry helps global metal manufacturers get out of the cut-throat competition scenarios and create a multi-win situation under the trend of Industry 4.0.

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