News Release

Taiwan's Advanced Machine Tools Makes Good Income for A&D Industry


Taiwan's machine tool exports to the US in 2017 grew for 15.5% compared to 2016, as US supply chains of aerospace and defense (A&D) favors advanced machine tools made by Taiwanese suppliers for their technical support. In 2017, the US aerospace and defense industry has created USD 143 billion in exports, making this industry the largest trade-surplus industry among all US industries.

Taiwan's suppliers have a bright prospect towards the growth of the US A&D industry for their own technological advantages. The blueprint engineering offered by Taiwan’s machine tool suppliers are favored by the global manufacturers due to its convenience as well as practical nature, building efficient production lines for the US A&D industry.

Encountering with the trade barrier, Taiwan's machine tool suppliers aim at the high-end market as the new battlefield. They build their niche market by offering cutting edge technology and applications for users and the business model is specifically favored by suppliers in the aerospace and defense industry. The export value of the A&D supply chain products accounted for 56% of the total USD 143 billion. Those products are aerospace components, aerospace engines, and other complex shaped workpieces that could be best made by the five-axis machine centers.