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Aging Society and Its Corresponding Metalworking Business Opportunity


Developed countries in the world are having more and more aging populations, and the development of digital dentistry in geriatrics, which is driven by both 3D science and machine tool technology, gives high added-value to dental materials. Digital dentistry focuses on the integration of treatment for patients, which requires knowledge of clinical implants and surgery tools, experience in dentist facility, dentures database, jaw bone repairing know-how, etc. Therefore, for the sake of better treatment, experts in both dentistry and material science go along with each other, pushing dentistry forward into the digital era.

Taiwan’s top governmental metalworking institute, the Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC), participates in the pioneering project “Digital Oral & Spine Minimally Invasive Surgery and Physiological Image Diagnosis”, in which the MIRDC experts collaborate with medical specialists to discover solutions in the sectors of tooth root & spinal 3D image, oral treatment, periodontal prosthesis, pathological image screening, biological image formation, and other relevant sciences. These research projects, are with great harvest and were promoted at the Taiwan Healthcare Expo as the most eye-catching exhibits at the show, attracting international buyers from advanced medical services.

In regard to this geriatric business opportunity, Taiwan’s five-axis machine center manufacturers also catch the train. An engineer shared that, many machine center manufacturers, whether their machines are built with 5 axis head, or 4+1 axis structure, or 3+2 axis structure, are enthusiastic in the development of the medical applications. It is noticed that the technology of automotive tire mold shares a lot of common grounds with the dental models. Therefore, machine centers applied in the tire molds can be applied to this new and lucrative sector with little effort Supported by the professional material knowledge, the business opportunity in geriatric dentistry is now blooming in the machine center sector.

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