News Release

“Trade Fairs 4.0”: The Integration of Venues and Internet Technology


Many people wonder whether physical shops can stand a chance in this online shopping era. Definitely yes as we all have witnessed that. The Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS) is a perfect example that physical and online forms of the show can complement, rather than compete with each another. TMTS connects buyers and manufacturers via the online showroom, simulating the manufacturers’ factories for buyers to explore, before the show begins, while also generating more real-life show visits.

For instance, in the “Product” column, we inserted many exhibitors according to their product categorizations. Everyone who received the e-newsletter can browse through the list and find their target machine tool suppliers. Moreover, in the “Application & Workpiece” column, we also help TMTS exhibitors to showcase their machine competence through the finished workpieces, allowing buyers to get to know these exhibitors through their machine performance.

At TMTS 2016, TMBA also offered on-site video reports of the show featuring many events, and also made use of VR technology to record the event venue. The pano VR of TMTS allows buyers, no matter if they participated or not, to see what was showcased at the show.

Last but not least, there is, of course, the event itself. In 2018, the TMTS organizers will present exciting new programs and activities for the visitors, and make sure that buyers from all over the world learn more about the Taiwan machine tool industry.