News Release

TMTS 2018 Fully Booked (domestic exhibit space)!


Organized by the Taiwan Machine Tool & Accessory Builders’ Association, the bi-annual metalworking show TMTS is going to return for its fifth edition on the 7th of November, 2018. Booth registration opened this June and within a very short period of time, all available booths were booked.。

An estimated 639 exhibitors have registered for the show, applying for 4,097 booths. 80% of these applications were completed during the online registration on the 2nd of June.

The TMTS show integrates all parts of the supply chains around the show venue. This very fact is highly appreciated by visitors and buyers especially those from abroad. At TMTS 2018, there will be 4,300 booths covering 91,000 square meters, showcasing the latest products and technologies, including metal cutting machines, metal forming machines, machine tool components, parts and accessories, pneumatic facilities, electronic systems, peripheral facilities, cutting tools, tool holders & clamping units, measurement systems and smart production systems. Several media corporations, service agents, as well as unions & associations will be present at the show as well. The above-mentioned products and participants will be spread across six main areas.

TMBA members shared that at TMTS 2016, the utilization of 4,002 booths as the exhibition scale had set a new record (for one venue area). The event has become an important platform that brings together machine tool consumers and manufacturers. In 2016, 738 exhibitors participated and 84,374 people visited the show; among those 81,479 were Taiwanese and 2,896 came from 64 other nations.

Taiwan is one of the main consumer markets in the world machine tool industry. In Taichung, the central area of Taiwan, there are more than 1,600 machine tool companies, mainly from the middle and downstream supply chain. About 90% of Taiwan’s machine tool companies are based in or around Taichung. This makes the city a production heavyweight in the world and a primary consumer of machine tools and other machinery as well. TMBA works enthusiastically to promote Taiwan machine tools and components and supports Taiwanese manufacturers in their efforts to generate more leads in the world market.