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Product Name : CNC Lathe WTS-52Y2M Download

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Double Spindle/Double Turret/Double Y-Axis/E-Axis Shifting

  • This CNC turning center offers a double spindle design for complex component cutting in a single setup.

E-Axis for 2 Separate Work Areas

  • An E-axis allows the second spindle and tailstock to move up and down. This provides an independent working environment for machining.

Fixed Tailstock for Long Workpieces

  • WTS-52Y2M equipped with a fixed tailstock for long workpieces keeps them parallel and improves precision and stability during machining.

Double Y-axis BMT55 16-Station Upper and Lower Turrets

  • The WTS comes with BMT55 16-Station power turrets and is available to be equipped with different types of BMT55 system as well.
  • The upper and lower turrets can work independently with the spindles 1 and 2. This allows the machine to exhibit maximum versatility.

Air Purge and Air Dryer System

  • Air Purge System offers protection to prevent coolant from entering spindle bearing during machining.
  • Air dryer drains the moisture in the air, strengthens the efficiency of oil mist lubrication system and prevents the main component from rusting.

Optional Equipment

  1. 6" / 8" hydraulic chuck
  2. Axial and Radial live tool holder
  3. Voltage stabilizer / transformer
  4. Bar feeder
  5. 15-bar high pressure coolant device with filter
  6. Oil Mist collector
  7. Mitsubishi robot
  8. Gantry system
  9. Auto door


Transmission Shaft



※ Design and specs subject to change without notice.

Capacity WTS-52Y2M WTS-65Y2M
Controller Mitsubishi Fanuc
Max. manu. dia. ∅370mm
Standard manu. dia. ∅210mm
Swing over bed dia. ∅780mm
Distance between two center of spindle nose 814mm 812mm
Max. manu. length 500mm
Bar capacity ∅51mm ∅65mm
Axis specifications
X1/X2-axis travel 215/230mm
Z1/Z2-axis travel 550/550mm
Y1,Y2-axis travel ± 50 mm/± 50 mm
B-axis travel 550mm 500mm
E-axis travel 170mm
X/Y/Z-axis rapid travel speed 16/6/40m/min
B-axis rapid travel speed 40m/min
E-axis rapid travel speed 6m/min
Min. input unit 0.001mm
Spindle bar capacity ∅51mm ∅65mm
Max. spindle speed 6000rpm 4000rpm
Spindle motor 7.5/11 kw 18/22 kw
Center height 1180mm
Spindle nose A2-5 A2-6
Spindle bore ∅60.5mm ∅86mm
Chuck size 6"(Op 8") 8"(Op 10")
Sub Spindle
Spindle bar capacity ∅51mm ∅65mm
Max. spindle speed 6000rpm 4000rpm
Spindle motor 7.5/11 kw 18/22 kw
Spindle nose A2-5 A2-6
Spindle bore ∅60.5mm ∅86mm
Chuck size 6" 8"
Min. moving unit 0.001mm
C axis rapid travel rate 600min-1
Live tool turret
Turret station 16
Square tool □20mm
Round tool ∅25mm
Rotating mode Single Tool Transmission
Live tool rpm 60~6000min-1
No. of live tool 16*2
Collet size ER∅25A
Tool holder & tool size BMT55
Hydraulic unit
Hydraulic motor 3HP / 2.2kw*2
Coolant Pump
Spindle upper flush pump 1.57HP / 1.17kw/60HZ
Turret coolant pump 1.57HP / 1.17kw/60HZ
Chip flush pump 1.57HP / 1.17kw/60HZ
Sub-spindle internal coolant pump 1.57HP / 1.17kw/60HZ
Tank capacity
Tank capacity 65L
Coolant tank 440L
Power 220V, 81KVA 220V, 96KVA
Machine size(LxWxH) (includes chip conveyor) 4162*2390*2226
Machine N.W.(includes chip conveyor) 10500kg